Vista Signage Systems

Choosing A Modular Signage System

Vista Light System by SohoHow does one choose a single, preferred system with the number of systems being offered? The following points should help you choose the system that is right for you:


Although there are exceptions, in most cases, whether the system is flat, concave, or convex shaped, it is important that it has a modern, contemporary, and clean look.

Quality of materials

It is not always easy to assess the quality of materials used by the manufacturer. Request data sheets that reflect the specifications of the system, its ability to withstand the elements, and its compatibility with indoor/outdoor use, and UV light. How difficult is it to paint or anodize? Check the stability of the components before and after assembly. A sense of a “flimsy” finished product may show a divergence in the system components. Don’t hesitate to put the system components to the test by checking their resilience. Unfortunately, they will have a good chance of being mistreated in the field. Check for compatibility with the types of graphic and sign making equipment you currently have available in your shop without making further investments in new technology and equipment. It is advisable to choose a flexible system that allows for a wide range of signage and graphic techniques. Systems that have been designed to “frame” or “hold” other substrates, usually prove to be more flexible and accommodating both to the customer and the designer.


Try to choose a system that is simple to use, assemble, and install. Save yourself the wasted time, frustration, and aggravation of dealing with a poorly designed system which often results in an overly complicated system.

Wide range of sizes

Using a modular system naturally limits the design options to the number of sizes offered by a particular system. Choose a system with a wide range of sizes. This will reduce the chance of your system being rejected by the customer or designer. Wide range of applications It is advantageous to use a single product line per project. Look for a comprehensive system that can cover signs from the parking lot to the employee’s desk. Using a system that offers only a partial solution may only complicate a cohesive install.




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