Fabric Printing

Fabric Dye-Sublimation Printing

Custom fabric dye-sublimation printing is a popular choice for exhibit and retail display designers and display solutions. Bidvest Soho offers up to 3.2m wide, high speed, custom fabric dye-sublimaton printing. Our print and transfer process ensures that the various fabrics we use retain their drape and soft feel. Bidvest Soho’s dye-sublimation printing produces fabric prints that are odourless, vivid with bright colors, are wrinkle resistant and can be washed and handled without harming the print. Fabric prints can be folded for easy transportation. Fabric prints are suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor branding and decor solutions.

Examples of Fabric Printed Products

In-house Finishing

With the skilled hands of our experienced sewing staff  and state of the art finishing machinery, we are able to do all our fabric finishing in-house, ensuring closer quality control and a faster turn around.